Up to 70% cost reduction without any compromisation in the quality of staff.
Through our Offshore Staff Leasing services, you can establish your own team, who work for you exclusively

We are now running multiple Offshore Development Teams (ODT) for our clients as an extension of IT departments of both end user companies and professional software companies, outsourcing (part of) their software production process.

Our offshore staffing model is the most cost-effective, efficient, and transparent outsourcing solution. We provide customized staff leasing services from a carefully handpicked pool of skilled college-educated professionals. Then we provide the infrastructure, facilities and tools needed in your operation while you provide the directives to your new virtual team.

Features of ES ODTs:

  •  100% dedicated to you
  •  Fluent in English
  •  40 works a week [ 24X7 Flexibility of Time, depends up nature of expertise ]
  •  Significant cost reduction compared to on-site development.
  •  All hardware & software resources and office infrastructure already in place.
  •  Skilled and experienced developers with exactly the right expertise for the job. You can view some of their work in our portfolio on request ( click here for request portfolios).
  •  Your complete involvement and direct control – through dedicated high-speed communications and live chat conference capabilities.
  •  Strong and experienced management team to manage group of dedicated software professionals.
  •  Minimization of risk, no need for full-time staff or contractors.
  •  Complete intellectual property protection
  •  Secure development environment with firewall, password and encryption protection
  •  Type of Staff Leasing
  •  iOS Application Developer [ SWIFT ]
  •  Android Application Developer
  •  PHP [ WordPress, Magneto, WooCommerce, Laravel, Codeigniter]
  •  Ruby on Rails
  •  UI / UX Designer
  •  Web Developers
  •  Animators
  •  Data Entry, Mining, or Encoders
  •  NET, MVC Framework in C#
  •  Promotional Video Production
  •  SEO & SEM
  •  Data entry and processing